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  • Dr. Rachel Freedman led a study that found many women with breast cancer may lack knowledge regarding their illness. The findings show how minority patients may be less likely than others to know and report accurate information about their tumors' characteristics.

Tags: PatientEducation, PatientSupport

  • Sarah Reed, a social worker with the Adult Survivorship Program at Dana-Farber, offers some tips for cancer patients and others dealing with chronic illnesses to help them manage the holidays.

Tags: PatientSupport, Survivorship, CopingWithCancer

  • Actress Valerie Harper, diagnosed with brain cancer, has joined the latest cast of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Dr. Karen Fasciano says end-stage cancer patients living life to the fullest has been a growing trend that's been a part of the hospice movement.

Tags: EndOfLife, PatientSupport, BrainTumors, CopingWithCancer

  • After being unable to finish last year’s marathon, Courtney Rubin will run the Boston Marathon again as part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.

Tags: PatientSupport, Development

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has made the top 10 on a new scoreboard for US medical centers with the best patient care.

Tags: PatientSafety, PatientSupport

  • The new iPhone app from Dana-Farber offers users support and information about eating a healthy diet to help fight cancer. Senior nutritionist Stacy Kennedy, MPH, hopes these healthy recipes will be adopted by people who want to lower their risk of getting cancer.

Tags: Nutrition, PatientSupport, Prevention

  • A national trend shows that hospitals are inviting cancer survivors to share their opinions and experiences to shape how the institutions care for patients. Marlene Nusbaum and Anne Tonachel, who were treated at Dana-Farber, explained their involvement in the design of the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care.

Tags: PatientSupport, YawkeyCenter

  • A study by Dr. Tracy Balboni found that oncologists cited a lack of training as one reason why their terminally ill patients do not receive spiritual care at the end of life.

Tags: EndOfLife, PatientSupport

  • Dr. Tracy Balboni wrote an editorial for a study that found doctors and other health care providers discussed religion or spirituality in less than 20 percent of family meetings in the intensive care unit.

Tags: PatientSupport

  • Dr. Bruce E. Johnson said due to the government shutdown, new clinical trials cannot be opened, but Dana-Farber will explore all available conventional and investigational treatment options for patients.

Tags: PatientSupport, CopingWithCancer

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