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  • Dana-Farber has launched an extensive research project into cancer genomics.


Tags: Genomics

  • Dr. Matthew Meyerson led a genomic study of lung cancer which has provided information that could help scientists devise new treatments.

Tags: Genomics

  • Dr. Stacy Gray led a study that suggests not all doctors are ready to embrace tests that look for hundreds of DNA changes in patients’ tumor samples.

Tags: Genomics

  • Dana-Farber researchers, including Dr. Kornelia Polyak, have developed a mathematical model to predict how a patient’s tumor is likely to behave and which of several possible treatments is most likely to be effective.

Tags: BreastCancer, Genomics

  • Scientists at Dana-Farber and the University of Colorado Cancer Center report on a gene fusion that spurs the cells to divide rapidly. 

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics, LungCancer

  • Scanning the DNA of nearly 5,000 tumor samples, a team led by scientists at Dana-Farber has identified 140 regions of scrambled genetic code believed to contain many undiscovered cancer genes.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

  • Dr. Bill Hahn talks about advances in genetic sequencing technology that may lead to new uses for well-known treatments for cancer.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

  • Dr. David Williams talks about gene therapy in Bubble Boy Syndrome, a rare, immune deficiency disease.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics, ImmuneSystem

  • Dr. James Bradner talks about a study he led showing a new way to use JQ1, the molecule that his lab created,to repair damaged hearts after overwhelming stress.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics, Genetics

  • Researchers have sequenced all of the genes in a cancer-cell database that was designed to test promising new drug compounds. Dr. Todd Golub cautioned that matching the right drug to a genetic mutation is challenging, because a cancer drug may work against one cell line but not another.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

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