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  • Dr. David Steensma commented on a drug, called AG-221, which targets a genetic mutation that prevents certain white blood cells from maturing into normal-functioning, infection-fighting cells, leading to acute myeloid leukemia and other blood cancers.

Tags: ImmuneSystem, Immunotherapy

  • At the American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting, Dr. Margaret Shipp and Dr. Philippe Armand presented their study that found 87 percent of Hodgkin lymphoma patients who participated in an early-phase immunotherapy clinical trial experienced cancer remission.

Tags: ImmuneSystem, Immunotherapy

  • Dana-Farber was mentioned for its research into immunotherapy.

Tags: Immunotherapy

  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center will fund a $10 million partnership with Dana-Farber and Janssen Biotech to work on lung cancer immunotherapy drugs.

Tags: Immunotherapy

  • The Swiss drug giant Novartis AG has bought two-year-old CoStim Pharmaceuticals Inc., a venture-backed Cambridge biotech using research from scientists including Dr. Gordon Freeman.

Tags: BasicResearch, Immunotherapy

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