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Wendy Chen
Insight Blog

Soy and Breast Cancer: Is There a Connection?

  • Breast Cancer
The internet can be a useful research tool, but it can also be home to false information.
Insight Blog

Cancer Treatment Scams: How to Spot Them

Tom Coughlin and his wife, Judy.
Insight Blog

“It Takes a Team to Tackle Cancer” – A Coach’s Perspective

Joan with her husband and grandchildren.
Insight Blog

Living with Ovarian Cancer as a Chronic Disease, and Celebrating Milestones

  • Ovarian Cancer
Scalp cooling aims to prevent or reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.
Insight Blog

What Happens When I Wear a Cooling Cap?

  • Palliative Care
  • Coping with Cancer
Dana-Farber's Lauren Gurschick, NP, with CAR T-cell therapy patient Honorio Figueira.
Insight Blog

How Gene Therapy Works in Treating Cancer and Other Conditions

  • CAR T-Cell Therapy
  • Research
  • Blood Disorders, Childhood
T lymphocyte cells — a type of white blood cell and one of the components of the body' s immune system — attached to a cancer cell.
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Precision Medicine and Immunotherapy for Cancer: What to Know

  • Precision Cancer Medicine
  • Immunotherapy
Insight Blog

What is a Radiosensitizer and How Is It Used in Radiation Therapy?

Chromosomes, misspelled DNA, or misaddressed genes tamper with a cell’s basic programming, sending the cell into hyper-growth.
Insight Blog

Epigenetics: How It Works And What It Means for Cancer Research

  • Research