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  • "Is my grief normal?" That is one of the most common questions posed by people who have lost a loved one. A new study by Dana-Farber researchers has helped answer that question by affirming the commonly accepted stages of grief — disbelief, yearning, anger, depression, and acceptance — and the sequence in which these emotions occur.

Tags: EndOfLife

  • Androgen deprivation therapy — one of the most common treatments for prostate cancer — may increase the risk of death from heart disease in patients over age 65, according to a new study by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital and other institutions.

Tags: ProstateCancer

  • A protein known as the "master watchman of the genome" for its ability to guard against cancer-causing DNA damage has been found to provide an entirely different level of cancer protection: By prompting the skin to tan in response to ultraviolet light from the sun, it deters the development of melanoma skin cancer, the fastest-increasing form of cancer in the world

Tags: Melanoma

  • A Dana-Farber study challenges the hypothesis that "cancer stem cells" — a small number of self-renewing cells within a tumor — are responsible for breast cancer progression and recurrence, and that wiping out these cells alone could cure the disease.

Tags: BreastCancer, StemCellTransplant

  • By mapping the interlocking structures of small molecules and mutated protein "receptors" in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells, scientists at Dana-Farber and their colleagues have energized efforts to design molecules that mesh with these receptors, potentially interfering with cancer cell growth and survival.

Tags: LungCancer

  • Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have shown in a laboratory study that revving up a crucial set of muscle genes counteracts the damage caused by a form of muscular dystrophy.

Tags: Genomics, Genetics

  • In the spirit of the late Tom and Jean Yawkey's nearly half-century of dedication to the fight against cancer, the Yawkey Foundation has awarded $30 million, the largest gift in its history, to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The gift will help underwrite construction of the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, a state-of-the-art outpatient facility that is proposed to be developed on Brookline Avenue, at the heart of Dana-Farber's campus.

Tags: YawkeyCenter

  • As another baseball season begins, fans will be heading to the ballpark to watch their favorite players hit home runs, steal bases, and argue over what's fair and foul. Unfortunately, they will also see something else many consider to be foul — players chewing tobacco.

Tags: OralCancer, Smoking

  • An international research team, led by investigators from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, has found a new way that some lung tumors become resistant to treatment with targeted therapy drugs like Iressa and Tarceva.

Tags: LungCancer

  • A widely used diabetes drug dramatically boosted the potency of platinum-based cancer drugs when administered together to a variety of cancer cell lines and to mice with tumors, scientists from Dana-Farber report.

Tags: LungCancer, OvarianCancer

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