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  • Oropharyngeal cancers caused by HPV are more sensitive to chemotherapy; patients are also often younger and healthier than those with oral cancers caused by alcohol and tobacco use.

Tags: OralCancer

  • A new report finds more teens are taking up chewing tobacco than cigarettes. Dana-Farber's Marshall Posner, MD, explains how smokeless tobacco can lead to oral cancer.

Tags: OralCancer

  • As another baseball season begins, fans will be heading to the ballpark to watch their favorite players hit home runs, steal bases, and argue over what's fair and foul. Unfortunately, they will also see something else many consider to be foul — players chewing tobacco.

Tags: OralCancer, Smoking

  • Dana-Farber experts explain how treatment summaries and care plans can guide cancer survivors and their physicians through health care decisions in the future.

Tags: OralCancer, Survivorship

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