Lung Cancer Mutation Consortium Protocol

Status: Recruiting
Diagnosis: Lung Cancer
NCT ID: NCT01014286 (View complete trial on
DFCI Protocol ID: 09-446


The primary objective of this protocol is to determine the frequency of oncogenic mutations in 1000 patients with advanced adenocarcinoma of the lung. The linked clinical and mutational analyses will be used to determine the frequency of each mutation, its association with clinical features and outcome, and its association with other mutations. As future therapeutic protocols specific for these mutations are developed, patients may be notified of their eligibility for these studies. Future translational studies may be used to: a) unravel the complex biology of lung cancer; b) identify prognostic markers; c) define predictive markers of response/resistance to new therapies; d) identify new targets. A secondary goal is to establish a consortium of sites that have the capability of conducting multiple mutation testing in a CLIA-certified lab.


Conducting Institutions:
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Overall PI:
Jeffrey Engelman, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Site-responsible Investigators:
Bruce Johnson, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Daniel Costa, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center: Cancer Trials Call Center, 617-667-3060
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: Linda Morse,
Massachusetts General Hospital: Cancer Trials Call Center, 877-789-6100

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria: 1. Subjects (=> 18 years of age) who are undergoing further evaluation for the diagnosis or treatment of advanced adenocarcinoma of the lung. 2. Oral and written informed consent. Exclusion Criteria: 1. Any individual who does not give oral and written consent for participation. 2. Lung cancer histologies other than adenocarcinoma 3. Lack of adequate tissue.
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