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Supporting Evidence-Based Practice at the Phyllis F. Cantor Center

  • Science and Practice Aligned Within Nursing (SPAWN)©

    SPAWNing is an infrastructure and process for:

    • Bi-directional contributions between clinical, direct-care nurses, and nurse scientists
    • Generation of research questions originating from and embedded in practice
    • Translating results of research studies into everyday practice

    SPAWNing groups meet on a regular basis in each clinical area of Dana-Farber and its satellites. The Clinical Inquiry Specialists support the groups, providing guidance and process facilitation.

    Symptom Management Excellence (SME)

    Symptom Management Excellence logo.gif

    Symptom Management Excellence (SME) was launched in 2010 as a special SPAWNing initiative. Based on data from DFCI nurses and patients, Dr. Berry and her staff have identified three symptoms that are not only prevalent in DFCI patients, but have evidence-based interventions with which to treat the symptoms: fatigue, anorexia, and anxiety. For each symptom, critical appraisal of the scientific literature will be conducted, followed by workshops with invited clinical researchers and experts. The guests will present the most up-to-date results on successful interventions and work with Dana-Farber staff to determine the best way to implement an evidence-based approach at the Institute. After the intervention is evaluated in a limited number of clinics, it can be further refined and eventually implemented across all Dana-Farber patient care areas.

    Upcoming Conferences for Abstract Submission

    Oncology conferences worldwide