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Chemical Biology Initiative

  • The Chemical Biology Initiative provides molecular solutions to problems posed by cancer, fostering basic biological discoveries and the translation of these discoveries into new drugs for cancer patients.

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    The scientific programs of Chemical Biology Initiative's core investigators focus on:

    • The discovery of novel protein kinase inhibitors
    • Determining the structure of signaling complexes that are involved in cancer
    • Creation of stapled peptides to study aberrant cell death pathways in cancer
    • Using NMR as a structure-guided approach to investigate protein-protein interactions
    • The discovery of novel deubiquitinylase inhibitors
    • Investigation of the mechanism of ubiquitin ligases in cancer
    • The discovery of novel inhibitors of epigenetic targets and transcription factors in cancer

    Contact Us

    If you are interested in collaborating with our Chemical Biology investigators — or in finding out more about the research being conducted by the Chemical Biology Initiative — please contact Nathanael Gray, PhD, at