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Defeating cancer is our sole mission. At Dana-Farber, you not only get a cancer specialist, but you also get a specialist in your particular type of cancer.

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Dana-Farber physicians and researchers have helped develop many of the very latest therapies — from harnessing the immune system to targeted therapies based on the genetics of your cancer. Which means we can provide the latest and best care, sooner.


Groundbreaking Research

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute remains true to Dr. Sidney Farber's vision of a cancer center that is as dedicated to discoveries in cancer research as it is to delivering compassionate, patient-centered care. Discoveries made by Dana-Farber researchers today become tomorrow’s breakthrough treatments.


New England's #1 Cancer Center

Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center has been New England's top-ranked cancer center for over 20 years. Because we specialize in cancer, we're alert to every aspect of treatment and care that can help you get well.

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