Family Connections

A resource for parents with cancer and their families

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A cancer diagnosis is difficult enough for most people; for many parents, the news brings an extra set of concerns. How do you explain the situation to your children? What if they have questions you can't answer? How do you cope with their fears about your well-being?

Family Connections is dedicated to supporting adult cancer patients who are parents and their children. Our mission is to offer guidance, information, and resources to those who are dealing with cancer in their family, and to identify and respond to the needs of parents and children by supporting, supplementing, and empowering family coping.

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We'd love to hear your thoughts on the information we provide here. To contact the Family Connections Program, please email

The site was made possible in part by a generous gift in memory of Deborah Rosoff, a Dana-Farber patient, by her family and friends.

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