the pharmacy at the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care 

The Dana-Farber pharmacy fills prescriptions for all pediatric and adult patients. Our pharmacists are an extension of the patient care team and work closely with your physicians to provide seamless, convenient, safe care.

Dana-Farber pharmacists have online access to patients’ medical records, doctors’ notes, and up-to-date laboratory results – information that generally isn’t available to retail pharmacists.

We stock all medications prescribed by Dana-Farber physicians and can prepare them quickly. Local pharmacies don’t always carry newer drugs, which means patients have to wait one or two days before starting treatment.


Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, Floor 2


Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Contact Information

Phone: 617-632-3338
Fax: 617-632-6874 

Frequently asked questions

What insurance plans does the pharmacy accept?

We accept all major plans. We also accept many insurance plans from other parts of the country.

Is it cheaper than my regular pharmacy?

The cost for prescriptions can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. If you use an insurance card, the co-payment is generally the same as at any pharmacy.

Are over-the-counter medicines available?


Can patients have prescription medications mailed to them at home?

Yes, but there may be a fee to ship.

Can someone not affiliated with Dana-Farber fill prescriptions at the pharmacy?

No. Only Dana-Farber patients and staff can have their prescriptions filled at the pharmacy.

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  • Pharmacy Residency

    • pharamacy clean roomThe Pharmacy Residency Program at Dana-Farber is designed to provide the resident with opportunities to develop clinical competence in oncology pharmacy practice.
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