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For Adult Cancer Survivors

  • Kari DudelyKari Dudley, Hodgkin lymphoma and breast cancer survivor 

    For many cancer survivors and caregivers, the years after cancer treatment can bring physical and psychological challenges. This includes managing the risk of second cancers, understanding the long-term effects of treatment, and addressing social, physical, or psychological concerns. As the number of cancer survivors increase, so too, does information about ways to maximize a healthy survivorship.

    Below are some resources for adult cancer survivors, including information about Dana-Farber’s Adult Survivorship Program, short videos on a range of topics and concerns for cancer survivors, and tips on steps you can take to help you to live well beyond cancer.

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  • Cancer Survivorship Topics

    • In these 21 video interviews, the former director of the adult cancer survivorship program, speaks with experts about typical issues that cancer survivors face.
  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    • LAF
    • In their own words, six cancer survivors reflect on a variety of issues they've faced, and share insights gained through their cancer experiences.
  • Living Proof: Celebrating Survivorship

    • Dana-Farber's annual Living Proof event honors the challenge and journey of cancer survivorship.
  • Perini Family Survivorship Matching Challenge

    • Please join our effort to give a better quality of life to a growing number of adult cancer survivors by making a gift that will be doubled thanks to a generous matching opportunity.
  • Cancer Prevention and Risk Reduction

  • Free Nutrition App