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Staff and Patients Connect in New Ad Campaign

  • Connecting with patients on a personal level has always been a top priority for Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center (DF/BWCC). Our new series of TV and radio ads highlights those deep connections.

    The new commercials are part of DF/BWCC's "You Have Us" consumer ad campaign, and feature DF/BWCC staff, patients, and families. The ads ring with authenticity, and connect on both a rational and an emotional level.

    The campaign highlights key attributes that differentiate DF/BWCC from other centers — and shows why DF/BWCC is the best choice for cancer care. It features three 30-second TV spots broadcast in primetime, as well as morning and evening news:

  • Bridges
    This spot speaks to the personalized and innovative care we provide. Every person is different genetically. We have an infrastructure that allows us to pick the best treatments for each person.

  • Teamwork
    This spot speaks to our expertise and collaborative approach. Everyone on your care team specializes in your type of cancer.

  • Fabric
    This spot captures the special combination of factors that makes us unique. You can sense there is a difference. Our research helps to move the needle faster to get treatments to you sooner.


    The campaign also features two 60-second radio spots:



    This spot describes how new discoveries and breakthroughs are translated to patient care:



    This spot details the seamless care that one breast cancer patient experienced during her DF/BWCC journey:


    This very personal broadcast campaign points viewers and listeners to an informative new campaign website — visit the site at YouHaveUs.Org.