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 Case NumberTitleInvestigator
Select405Human FANCC Polyclonal AntibodiesA. D'Andrea
Select914Phospho-FANCD2 Monoclonal AntibodiesA. D'Andrea
Select234Methods to Clone PolyA mRNA (Differential Display)A. Pardee
Select564HSIX1 Gene as a Diagnostic Marker for Breast CancerA. Pardee
Select5742, 4-Diamino-6-(bridged diaryl) Aminomethylpteridines and Related Drugs Against Toxoplasmosis and Other Opportunistic InfectionsA. Rosowsky
Select859Mode Rotation Operators in Radio Frequency Ion TrapsB. Reinhold
Select163aP2 Promoter and Adipocyte-Specific DNA Sequences and the Production of Transgenic Animals Exhibiting Altered Fat Tissue MetabolismB. Spiegelman
Select266Treatment of Insulin Resistance in Obesity Linked Type II Diabetes Using Antagonists to TNF-Alpha FunctionB. Spiegelman
Select485Use of PPAR Agents in the Treatment of Tumors of FatB. Spiegelman
Select534PGC-1, a Novel Brown Fat PPAR CoactivatorB. Spiegelman
Select593HIB I B CellsB. Spiegelman
Select697PGC-1 IsoformsB. Spiegelman
Select707PGC-1 and Gluconeogenesis.B. Spiegelman
Select735aP2 Knock-Out MiceB. Spiegelman
Select794PGC-1 Beta, a Novel Nuclear Receptor Coactive Related to PGC-1B. Spiegelman
Select795PPAR Gamma Null Fibroblasts-Cell LineB. Spiegelman
Select811Induction of Slow-Twitch Muscle Fiber Program by PGC-1B. Spiegelman
Select780Receptor Linked Protein Tyrosine PhosphotasesC. Frederick
Select334Signal Transduction via CD28C. Rudd
Select241Activation-State-Specific Phosphoprotein ImmunodetectionC. Stiles
Select558Melanoma DiagnosticD. Fisher
Select350Methods of Inhibiting Undesirable Cell Growth Using a Combination of a Creatine Compound and a Hyperplastic Inhibitory AgentD. Kufe
Select648Induction of Apoptosis By Reactive Oxygen SpeciesD. Kufe
Select792Treatment of Oxidative DamageD. Kufe
Select825B6, 129s4 Ep300 (tm1Dli) Transgenic MouseD. Livingston
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