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 Case NumberTitleInvestigator
Select405Human FANCC Polyclonal AntibodiesA. D'Andrea
Select914Phospho-FANCD2 Monoclonal AntibodiesA. D'Andrea
Select234Methods to Clone PolyA mRNA (Differential Display)A. Pardee
Select163aP2 Promoter and Adipocyte-Specific DNA Sequences and the Production of Transgenic Animals Exhibiting Altered Fat Tissue MetabolismB. Spiegelman
Select593HIB I B CellsB. Spiegelman
Select795PPAR Gamma Null Fibroblasts-Cell LineB. Spiegelman
Select735aP2 Knock-Out MiceB. Spiegelman
Select334Signal Transduction via CD28C. Rudd
Select308Nucleic Acid Encoding Transcription Factor P300D. Livingston
Select825B6, 129s4 Ep300 (tm1Dli) Transgenic MouseD. Livingston
Select826B1, 129S6 Crebb(tm1Dli) Transgenic MouseD. Livingston
Select655Self-Excision of Recombinase GenesD. Livingston
Select759Anti-CD10 MAB (Clone R103)E. Reinherz
Select767Rat Anti-ICOS Monoclonal Antibody (clone 7E17G9.G1)G. Freeman
Select860BACH1 Monoclonal AntibodiesJ. Decaprio
Select871PTU6 Series of Vectors Containing Tetracycline-Inducible Human U6 PromotersJ. Decaprio
Select876CITED2 Monoclonal AntibodiesJ. Decaprio
Select877hTERT Monoclonal AntibodiesJ. Decaprio
Select887Human Separase Monoclonal AntibodiesJ. Decaprio
Select900Cul7 Monoclonal AntibodyJ. Decaprio
Select579Human Cdc25c Monoclonal AntibodiesJ. Decaprio
Select580Monoclonal Antibodies Against Cellular Protein p130 CASJ. Griffin
Select581Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for Human NCKJ. Griffin
Select517Anti-NCK-Antibody (IgG, k)J. Griffin
Select518Anti-ABL-Antibody (IgG, k)J. Griffin
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