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 Case NumberTitleInvestigator
Select5742, 4-Diamino-6-(bridged diaryl) Aminomethylpteridines and Related Drugs Against Toxoplasmosis and Other Opportunistic InfectionsA. Rosowsky
Select534PGC-1, a Novel Brown Fat PPAR CoactivatorB. Spiegelman
Select485Use of PPAR Agents in the Treatment of Tumors of FatB. Spiegelman
Select697PGC-1 IsoformsB. Spiegelman
Select707PGC-1 and Gluconeogenesis.B. Spiegelman
Select794PGC-1 Beta, a Novel Nuclear Receptor Coactive Related to PGC-1B. Spiegelman
Select811Induction of Slow-Twitch Muscle Fiber Program by PGC-1B. Spiegelman
Select350Methods of Inhibiting Undesirable Cell Growth Using a Combination of a Creatine Compound and a Hyperplastic Inhibitory AgentD. Kufe
Select792Treatment of Oxidative DamageD. Kufe
Select761Neutralizing Anti-Envelope Antibody Specificities and Binding Parameters on Development of Vaccines for Retroviral Infections Including HIV and SIVE. Reinherz
Select892High Affinity mAbs Binding to Smallpox and Vaccinia Growth FactorsE. Reinherz
Select509Culturing B-Cells for use as Antigen Presenting CellsG. Freeman
Select548Retroviral Vectors with Deletions in Matrix Protein for Use in Gene TherapyH. Gottlinger
Select611Non-Integrating Retroviral Gene Therapy VectorsJ. Sodroski
Select861Use of Proteosome Inhibitors to Enhance Sensitivity to or Overcome Resistance to ChemotherapyK. Anderson
Select852Use of Sparc/Osteonectin/BM40 and its Homologues to Enhance Cancer TherapyL. Chen
Select270Composition and Method for Treating CancerL. Chen
Select595The Catalytic Subunit of Human Telomerase (hTERT) is a Tumor-Associated Target for Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in a Wide Range of CancersL. Nadler
Select641Cytochrome P450 1B1 is a Universal Tumor Antigen Eliciting Cytotoxic T Cell ResponsesL. Nadler
Select762Universal Professional Antigen-Presenting Cells Which Can Endogenously Express, Naturally Process, and Present Antigenic PeptidesL. Nadler
Select801BID-Binding Inducer of Mitochondrial DysfunctionS. Korsmeyer
Select902Method of Treating of the von-Hippel-Lindau DiseaseW. Kaelin
Select562Humanized Anti-TAT sFv IntrabodyW. Marasco
Select255Method of Intracellular Binding of ProteinsW. Marasco
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