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  • To better ensure your safety during this time, our team at Dana-Farber's Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention is taking several steps that may affect how and when you will see us for an appointment:

    • We will be converting new and follow-up appointments to virtual visits whenever possible. These virtual visits will be conducted by videoconference or telephone. If we meet by videoconference, we will send you clear, easy-to-use instructions ahead of time.
    • Our follow-up patients may need to delay cancer screening procedures and imaging for at least several weeks, potentially longer, unless they show a specific symptom or concern. Please know that each of these delays are carefully reviewed by your care team. Procedures and imaging tests needed to evaluate symptoms or change clinical status will not be affected.
    • If you have active health concerns related to the care you receive through us and would prefer an in-person visit, please call us at 617-582-7777 and together we will determine with your care team whether an in-person visit is needed and, if it is, how quickly that can take place.

    Our Cancer Genetics and Prevention team remains here for you. Please call 617-582-7777 with questions or concerns. If you find something that you would like evaluated, please call us so we can make appropriate arrangements to make sure your concerns are addressed. We are here to support you during this time.

    We wish you and your families the best in this challenging time.