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Center for Immuno-Oncology Treatment Team

  • At Dana-Farber, your treatment team is based in one of the specialized disease centers for different types of cancers. You may be referred to the Center for Immuno-Oncology to discuss the possibility of participating in a clinical trial. In most cases, the clinical trials will be for patients who have already received standard treatments, and the CIO team will work closely with your physician at DF/BWCC or referring physician.

    The specialists in the CIO will discuss what immunotherapy is and why they think this may be an option for you. The treatments provided in the CIO are clinical trials, and are covered through major insurance.

    Center for Immuno-Oncology Specialists

    Medical Oncologists

    F. Stephen Hodi, MD, Director
    Patrick Ott, MD, PhD, Clinical Director
    Osama Rahma, MD

    Physician Assistant

    Jessica Eno, PA-C

    Program Nurse

    Jennifer Rowan, BSN, RN, OCN

    Research Nursing Staff

    Rosemarie Baylies, RN, BSN, MHP, OCN
    Margaret Carey, RN, BSN
    Christine Gillen McKay, RN, BSN
    Bethany Rang, RN, BSN, OCN

    Associate Director

    Srinika Ranasinghe, PhD

    Administrative Director, Disease Center Operations

    Jennifer Riley Foley

    Senior Clinical Research Manager

    Janice Russell