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About Childhood Hepatoblastoma

  • Hepatoblastoma is a rare childhood tumor in the liver. It typically occurs in children under the age of 5. Most cases will appear in the first 18 months of a child's life.

    Doctors don't know the exact cause of hepatoblastoma in children. However, certain factors lead to an increased risk of developing hepatoblastoma, including:

    • Premature birth
    • Low birth weight
    • Genetic conditions such as hemihypertrophy syndromes, Beckwith Weidemann, Trisomy 18, and germline APC gene mutations

    If your child has been diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, they will receive expert care from the childhood liver tumor specialists at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Liver Tumor Center. Your medical team will include experts who come together to determine the best treatment plan for your child’s needs.

    Find out more about childhood liver tumor care and treatment at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Liver Tumor Center.

  • Contact the Boston Children's Hospital Liver Tumor Center