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Early Drug Development Center Team

  • The Early Drug Development Center (EDDC) treatment team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of medical oncologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, nursing staff and researchers who specialize in designing, conducting and analyzing clinical trials of experimental medicines to ensure that your treatment is closely monitored and safe. In addition, the EDDC targets disease-specific malignancies by collaborating with Dana-Farber clinicians across all treatment centers who are dedicated to improving your care with their expertise.

    Early Drug Development Center Clinicians

    Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD, Disease Center Leader
    Khanh Do, MD, Clinical Director
    Aparna Mani, MD, PhD
    Andrew Wolanski, NP

    Disease Center Collaborators

    Elizabeth Buchbinder, MD, Melanoma Cancer Treatment Center
    Nicole Chau, MD, Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Center
    Atish Choudhury, MD, PhD, Genitourinary Treatment Center
    James Cleary, MD, PhD, Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment Center
    Sara Tolaney, MD, Breast Cancer Treatment Center

    Program Nurse

    Brian Beardslee, RN

    Research Nurses

    Amy Carrier, RN, BSN
    Faith Hassinger, RN, BSN
    Julia Hewes, RN
    Elizabeth McCarthy, RN, BSN
    Rachel Patchel, RN, BSN

    Clinical Research Manager

    Ketki Bhushan, MPH

    Regulatory Coordinators

    Elizabeth Downey
    Marissa Marzano
    Solida Pruitt-Thompson

    Senior Clinical Research Coordinators

    Dongpo Cai
    Illy Dixon
    Matt Milstein

    Clinical Research Coordinators

    Sarah Desmarais
    Courtney Gannon
    Liz O'Brien
    Amber Scotton