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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

  • Información para pacientes sobre el Coronavirus (COVID-19)


    At Dana-Farber, your health and safety, along with the health and safety of our staff, are our top priorities. Despite the challenges to the entire healthcare community posed by COVID-19, Dana-Farber remains undeterred from our mission to provide expert, compassionate care. We are still caring for current patients, accepting new patients, and providing second opinion consultations. Where medically appropriate, we may ask you to conduct your appointment online, by phone, or via videoconference, or to reschedule an existing appointment. If you have questions about your appointment, please contact your care team.

    Thank you for your support during this challenging time, and for entrusting your care to us.

    COVID-19 Information for Our Patients

    Patient safety and quality of care are our top priorities. Learn about our revised visitor policy, what you need to know before your first visit, changes you will see at Dana-Farber, online programs and resources, and more.

    Telehealth at Dana-Farber

    Telehealth (or "virtual visits") enable patients to access clinical and supportive services at a distance through use of phone or video visits or online communications, when medically appropriate. Learn more about telehealth services at Dana-Farber and tips for preparing for your virtual visit.

    COVID-19 Information for Caregivers of Cancer Patients

    The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges for the caregivers of cancer patients. Learn how to prepare your home, take everyday precautions against infection, and practice self-care.

    COVID-19 Information for Physicians

    The COVID-19 pandemic is of particular concern for cancer patients, whose immune systems may be compromised due to their disease or treatment. Learn about resources from Dana-Farber clinicians that may be helpful in caring for your cancer patients.

    Donations for COVID-19

    During this time of uncertainty, many supporters are asking how to help. Learn how you can support Dana-Farber's life-saving work through donations of PPE, blood and platelets, and monetary support.

  • General COVID-19 Information

    Chart of COVID-19 symptoms from the CDC

    What Are the Symptoms of COVID-19?

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory virus that can be easily spread from person to person. Currently, COVID-19 can be difficult to identify because it shares many symptoms with the flu. Here is what you need to know.

    How to Properly Wash Your Hands

    Practicing proper hand hygiene is a simple, yet extremely effective, way of preventing the spread of germs and diseases. By washing your hands properly, and often, you can protect yourself as well as your family and even the community you live in.

  • COVID-19 Research at Dana-Farber

    diagram of stapled peptide inhibition of SARS-CoV-2

    Pioneering a 'Staple' Approach for Treating the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Strategies to bar the coronavirus (COVID-19) from entering cells — thereby preventing infection and averting transmission of the virus — are among the most promising treatment approaches to COVID-19. A novel approach called "stapled peptides" has been pioneered by Dana-Farber's Loren Walensky, MD, PhD, and his colleagues.

    diagram of over 50,000 protein-protein interactions

    Scientists produce a reference map of human protein interactions, releasing data helpful for understanding diseases including cancer and infectious diseases such as COVID-19

    Dana-Farber researcher Marc Vidal, PhD, is part of a collaborative team that has created a reference map of over 50,000 protein-protein interactions that provides information to help scientists better understand how faulty genes cause diseases such as cancer, and how viruses (such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) interact with their host human proteins.

    Wayne Marasco, MD, PhD

    Dana-Farber Researchers at Forefront of Development of Antibody Therapy for COVID-19

    As scientists race to develop and test new treatments for COVID-19, Dana-Farber’s Wayne Marasco, MD, PhD, and his lab team are bringing one of the world's most formidable resources to the effort: a "library" of 27 billion human antibodies against viruses, bacteria, and other bodily invaders.

  • Tips for Well-Being

    legs of person walking

    Tips for Keeping Your Mind Healthy and Active in the Time of the COVID-19

    The coronavirus pandemic has brought sweeping changes to many of our daily routines and social interactions. It’s important to remember that the emotions you feel during this time are normal, and it’s OK to have them. It can also be valuable to work towards a plan, centered around self-care, that will allow you to address and manage your concerns.

    exercise class

    Tips for Exercising at Home to Cope with Stress

    Regular exercise helps maintain your well-being and can be especially necessary during times of acute stress. Working out — or performing moderate to vigorous physical activity that elevates your heart rate and activates muscles — can have numerous positive effects on your health, both physically and emotionally.


    How to Fully Utilize Your Pantry Supplies

    Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), some grocery stores have been overwhelmed by people looking to stock up on supplies. Individuals are also increasingly encouraged to practice physical distancing and self-quarantine. As a result, accessing fresh and healthy ingredients can be more challenging than usual.

    headphones attached to a cell phone

    How to Use Music to Relax During Stressful Times

    In times of immense stress and adversity, music and the arts are sometimes viewed as nothing more than novelties: Things to be used and enjoyed in happier times. However, music may be able to help the most during these hard times.