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Family Connections

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    617- 632-2605
  • You're Not Alone: Being a teen when a parent has cancer
    In this video, Laura and Abby share how their parents’ illnesses impacted their lives – what they experienced, and ways they found support.

  • Family resources

    Slide Show for Families Parenting with Cancer

    Parents and guardians who are parenting while in treatment are welcome to view Dana-Farber's Slideshare presentation, Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Cancer.

    Webchat: Parenting during Cancer Treatment

    This webchat features two Dana-Farber social workers and a mother of three, who shared how she told her children about her diagnosis and managed family life during treatment.

    Debby's Gift

    During Debby Rosoff's battle with breast cancer, she and her husband searched for resources to guide them and their young children through this difficult time. After Debby died, her family created Family Connections in her memory.