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  • Billing services for major insurance companies

    Friends' Place provides private individualized consultations for:

    • Hair loss alternatives, including wigs, hats, scarves, head coverings, detachable hair pieces and wig styling
    • Hair and buzz cuts
    • Hair loss consultation and cutting on request provided at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital
    • Post-breast surgery needs, including breast prostheses, custom breast prostheses, prosthetic bras, camisoles, swimwear and nightwear
    • Post-breast surgery visits to Brigham and Women's Hospital and complimentary gift bags provided to aid in the recovery process (Breast Surgery Program)
    • Compression garments to manage symptoms of lymphedema

    Other services offered at Friends' Place include:

    • Alterations on wigs, swimsuits, bras (pockets can be sewn into your non-mastectomy bras and swimsuits)
    • Financial assistance for patients experiencing hair loss or in need of post-breast surgery items
    • Prosthetic banks: donated wigs and breast forms that are available free of charge to our patients.
    • Complimentary sleep caps for men and women inpatients at BWH through our Team Andy Fund

    Support programs

    CARE Bag Program (Continuum of Care. Awareness. Retail Services. Education.)

    Complimentary CARE support bags are given to newly diagnosed patients, as well as women and men starting chemotherapy or radiation treatment. These uplifting bags include resource information related to treatment, recovery, comfort items, and services and items available at Friends' Place.

    • Comfort Bag: Post Breast Surgical CARE Bag (distributed at Friends' Place)
      This bag includes informational and resource materials about breast cancer, the diagnosis, the surgery, the treatment, living with and surviving breast cancer. This gift contains specialized items to aid in the healing process, a front closure post-surgical bra in soft cotton, a "Making Dreams Possible" pink baseball cap and a pink bracelet and Pink Ribbon lapel pin.
    • Hope Bag: Treatment CARE Bag (distributed at the Blum Resource Center)
      The treatment bag provides information pamphlets about radiation and chemotherapy, nutrition for the person with cancer during treatment advice and related comfort items for the patient and family when treatment begins, including everyone's favorite a Red Sox Dana-Farber logo baseball cap.
    • Caring Bag: Caregivers CARE Bag (distributed at the Blum Resource Center)
      This CARE bag speaks to and acknowledges the caregiver. Resource information includes nutrition tips, listening and coping techniques and a how to care for the patient at home guide. The Caregiver bag also contains Comfort items such as a notebook for taking notes and tracking appointments, a stress ball and a purple caregiver's awareness bracelet.
  • chemo beanies available online from Friends' Place

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    Kelly Tuthill demonstrates choosing a wig

    Choosing a Wig

    Boston's WCVB TV Channel 5 reporter Kelley Tuthill shares tips for selecting a wig and wearing it with confidence.
    Kelly Tuthill

    Tips for Tying a Headscarf

    Watch WCVB TV reporter Kelley Tuthill, a breast cancer survivor treated at Dana-Farber, demonstrate three different ways to tie a headscarf.