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One-to-One: Support for Cancer Patients

  • For patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis, connecting to someone who has "been there" can be a great source of comfort. Our One-to-One program links individuals who have already experienced diagnosis and treatment with those who are facing it for the first time.

    Our One-to-One volunteers are cancer survivors, caregivers, and family members who have completed specialized training. They talk to patients and families via telephone about the treatment experience, guide them through the hospital system, and discuss available resources.

    Most importantly, they help relieve fears and concerns because they understand what it's like to face cancer.

    This free service is open to all adult caregivers, family members, partners, and patients at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center. Volunteers are available at any time before, during, and after treatment.

    Contact the One-to-One Program

    Any member of your healthcare team can put you in touch with the program. You may also contact the program coordinator directly at 617-632-4020 or

    The coordinator will select a volunteer based on support or informational needs. The volunteer will contact the patient, caregiver, or family member directly by phone.