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  • patient receiving acupuncture at the Zakim Center

    Integrative therapies range from individual treatments, such as acupuncture, massage, and Reiki, to group programs for movement, meditation, and creative arts, as well as exercise and nutritional consultations.

    Research conducted by Dana-Farber investigators and others has shown that, when used in conjunction with traditional cancer care, complementary therapies can help ease cancer-related symptoms and improve your quality of life. Medical experts worldwide now view integrative therapies as an effective complement to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

    How integrative therapies can help

    Adult and pediatric patients treated at the Zakim Center credit the Center's range of integrative therapies with helping them increase their quality of life and ease symptoms such as nausea, reduce pain, and lessen the anxiety associated with their treatment.

    All Dana-Farber patients are eligible to take advantage of the Zakim Center's one-on-one offerings and free group classes to ease their symptoms and feel better during treatment. We also offer lectures and educational seminars on topics related to integrative therapies and cancer treatment, which patients, their families, and their caregivers are invited to attend.

    Larry Zakim and his son JoshLenny Zakim and son Josh

    About Leonard Zakim

    Leonard P. Zakim, a Dana-Farber patient, found comfort and renewal by combining acupuncture, massage, Reiki, and other integrative therapies with his chemotherapy and radiation. The Zakim Center was his dream. Throughout his five-year treatment for multiple myeloma, he worked tirelessly to make integrative therapies available and affordable to all Dana-Farber patients.

    With the same passion he showed as an attorney, civil rights activist, and New England Region director of the Anti-Defamation League, "Lenny" Zakim worked with doctors, administrators, and other patient care advocates to make his goal a reality. Just before his passing in 1999, he was able to announce the establishment of the Zakim Center, which opened at Dana-Farber the following year.

    In Lenny Zakim’s honor, the Zakim Center hosts the annual Lenny Zakim Lecture, during which patients and loved ones hear inspiring stories from integrative therapies experts.

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