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Zakim Center Group Programs

  • Exercise class in new Zakim space

    Exercise class in the Zakim Center's airy workout space

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    Exercise and Mind/Body Movement

    The Zakim Center offers a variety of group exercise and mind/body movement programs, including free classes in qigong, tai chi, yoga, and women's exercise. These therapies, which include mind/body, meditation, and breathing techniques, can ease tired muscles, reduce stress, and increase positive energy. Group sessions are for adult patients at all fitness levels.

    Learn how qigong can benefit cancer patients.

    Try some of the best yoga stretches for cancer patients.

    Expressive Arts Therapy

    Expressing oneself through the arts, whether visual or musical, can help patients feel more relaxed, support pain management, and provide valuable coping skills. The Zakim Center's creative arts specialists provide guidance to patients in painting, writing, and making jewelry, collages, and other visual media. Our music therapist facilitates group experiences that explore active music making and listening, paired with mindfulness and relaxation techniques to decrease feelings of isolation and enhance quality of life for cancer patients. Materials are provided for these sessions, and no artistic experience is necessary.

    Learn more about Expressive Arts Therapy.

    15 Weeks to Wellness: Weight Management through Fitness and Nutrition

    15 Weeks to Wellness: Redefining Fitness and Nutrition is a weight loss program that focuses on improving the quality of life of cancer patients by emphasizing the importance of nutrition and exercise. In alignment with the mission of the Zakim Center, the program is supported by a proven theory of motivation that successfully engages individuals in making lifestyle changes. The mission of the program is to provide the support and resources needed to help participants make optimal changes to their lifestyle. A critical feature of this program is the support: a nutritionist and exercise physiologist help participants set goals to be successful, along with the help of the other group participants.


    Learning to let go of negative or fearful thoughts through meditation can help patients reach a more peaceful state of mind and feel more physically relaxed during their cancer treatment. Mindfulness can increase your awareness of, and appreciation for, your surroundings. These workshops are available to adult and pediatric patients in a group setting.

    Listen to three meditation sessions recorded by Patty Arcari, PhD, RN, program manager of meditation and mindfulness at the Zakim Center.

    Learn more about meditation as complementary therapy from the National Institutes of Health.

    Hear more about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation from ABC correspondent and co-anchor Dan Harris, keynote speaker at the 13th annual Lenny Lecture.