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Stories from Survivors

  • Having cancer is, for most people, life-changing. In their own words, these cancer survivors reflect on a variety of issues they've faced, and share insights gained through their cancer experiences.

    cancer survivor Kari

    Kari's Story
    The Importance of Vigilance

    "I firmly believe that participating in the Survivorship Clinic saved my life."

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    cancer survivor Ed

    Ed's Story
    Why I Chose a Healthy Lifestyle

    "I sat down with myself and said, 'I went through cancer, and now I'm going to let my diet take me down?'"

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    cancer survivor Dan and his wife Diane

    Dan and Diane's Story
    Nurturing Your Relationship

    "We've really made an effort to address things so that I'm not moving in one direction and he's moving in another."

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    cancer survivor Magnolia

    Magnolia's Story
    Be Your Own Advocate

    As a cancer survivor, I had no idea about treatment summaries or aftercare plans until I got to Dana-Farber."

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    cancer survivor Julie

    Julie's Story
    Dealing with the Fear of Recurrence

    "I do feel like I almost live with a time bomb; that this could go off again at any time."

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    cancer survivor Charlie

    Charlie's Story
    Thriving After Leukemia and Relapse

    "I was really scared cause I thought I might have been a goner — but I'm not."

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    Dana-Farber shares patient stories which may include descriptions of actual medical results. Dana-Farber provides personalized care for each patient based on their unique needs; their experiences and results will vary.