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Understanding lung cancer risk in patients with inherited EGFR T790M mutations

The purpose of this study is to understand whether inherited EGFR  mutations (T790M, V843I, R776H, and V769M) lead to an increased risk of developing lung cancer. This study will lay the groundwork for identifying strategies to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer when an inherited mutation is present. Because individuals and families carrying inherited T790M mutations may not be able to travel to Dana-Farber, we have set up this online survey so that patients not treated at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute may participate remotely in our research study.

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Eligibility Survey

This research study is currently open for the following groups of patients and individuals who may be at risk of carrying an inherited T790M mutation:

  1. Patients with lung cancer whose tumor has been found to carry an EGFR T790M mutation or another potential inherited mutation (V843I, R776H, V769M).
    For example, your oncologist ordered genetic testing on your lung cancer and the results showed a T790M mutation.
  2. Individuals with a relative who has been found to carry an inherited EGFR mutation
    For example, your sister had lung cancer and had blood testing which showed a T790M mutation in her inherited genes.
  3. Individuals who have already been found to carry an inherited EGFR mutation
    For example, your doctor sent you to a genetic counselor and blood testing was done which found a T790M mutation in your inherited genes.

If you think you may be at risk of carrying an inherited T790M mutation and would like to participate in this study, please complete the form below.

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  Have you been told your cancer carries an EGFR T790M or other rare EGFR mutation, such as V843I, R776H, or V769M?   
  Do you have a relative who has been told that they carry an inherited EGFR mutation?   
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