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  • Meditation is a practice that helps transform the pain, joy, sorrow and happiness of everyday living. Awareness helps us to understand the mind and its relationship to the body and spirit. The practice of mediation calms the mind and contributes to an overall sense of well-being.

    What does a meditation practice involve?

    The practice of meditation involves finding quiet time and a quiet place free from distraction. You will need to sit comfortably. In the beginning of your practice, you learn to relax your body, concentrate on your breath and quiet your mind. Quieting your mind is the challenge. The challenge during meditation is not to be caught in the mind’s wandering, and not to judge your thoughts.

    What has been proven?

    Meditation may be useful to help control pain, decrease heart rate, decrease high blood pressure, decrease headaches and anxiety. By relieving some of the effects of chronic stress, the immune system may be strengthened. Meditation may bring you to a new level of mindfulness in everyday life. It has been said that with mindfulness we nourish our heart and heal our soul.

    What does it cost and where do you find instruction?

    Many hospitals and health plans offer classes in meditation. Meditation techniques are also taught in stress-reduction classes which are available in some fitness centers. There are several different types of meditation techniques. Many books and tapes which explain these techniques are available. It is most important to find the techniques that work best for you and help you achieve meditation practice.

    For further information and services offered through the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies, please call (617) 632-5570.

    By making this information available, neither the Patient Family Education Council nor Dana-Farber Cancer Institute makes any recommendations, promises, or guarantees the effectiveness of this complementary therapy. For any serious condition please contact your doctor before trying any new therapy. If you do decide to try this modality of therapy, please inform your doctor or nurse so all practitioners can work together to help you in the healing process. 

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