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Zero balancing

  • Zero Balancing attempts to move into balance the quality of body energy and physical structure. It uses directed touch to remove the stresses of daily living.

    What is involved?

    A zero balancing session begins with the certified practitioner evaluating energy fields and the flow of energy throughout your body. The client will remain fully clothed, sit and later lay down on a table. Zero balancing therapy is given by applying gentle finger pressures into areas along the vertebral (spinal) column and lower sacral area. Attention is given to the boney skeleton in particular because it contains the deepest and strongest energy currents.

    What has been proven?

    Zero balancing has been suggested to help relieve stress and pain. It may improve energy levels and bring a sense of well being.

    Special Considerations

    • It is important to consult with your physician prior to beginning Zero Balancing Therapy.
    • Zero Balancing is not recommended for people with broken bones or Psychosis.

    By making this information available, neither the Patient Family Council nor Dana-Farber Cancer Institute makes recommendations, promises, or guarantees the effectiveness of this complementary therapy. For any serious condition please contact your doctor before trying any new therapy. If you decide to try this modality of therapy, please inform your doctor or nurse so all practitioners can work together to help you in the healing process.  

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