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Leadership Council Member Spotlight

  • Erik Ornitz

    Erik Ornitz

    My hometown is: Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

    I currently reside in: I live in Cambridge, MA with my wife Haley and our two year-old black lab, Ranger.

    I attended: I graduated from Brown University in 2010 and got my MBA from Harvard Business School in 2018.

    My workplace and title are: I am the Director of New Ventures at Tripadvisor, based in Needham, Massachusetts. I’ve been at Tripadvisor since 2018, prior to which I worked in venture capital. I have always valued exploration, but travel took on special meaning for me while my wife was being treated for breast cancer at DFCI from 2017-2018. While we weren’t exactly globetrotting at the time, every small getaway provided us refuge from the battle. When the opportunity at Tripadvisor arose, I jumped at the chance to help bring joy and connection to so many people who rely on the Tripadvisor community to explore new places and experience new cultures. I now lead a team to build and launch new, innovative businesses for the company.

    If I am not working I am most likely: With friends around a good meal, in the woods with Haley and Ranger, or out cycling.

    My favorite Boston restaurant is: This is a tough one. Haley is an incredible cook and gastronomy student, so we love exploring all the amazing food around town. If forced to choose, I’d have to go with Pammy’s in Cambridge.

    I joined DFLC because: Joining the DFLC was inspired by my wife, Haley, and in remembrance of my sister, Alix, both of whom battled breast cancer at Dana-Farber. They received amazing care, support and treatment from wonderful people across the Institute. When Haley finished her final treatment in May 2018, I committed myself to giving back to Dana-Farber and to finding ways to help others going through their own cancer battle. I joined the PMC and Annual Giving committees to help raise funds and awareness. I hope to bring fresh, new ideas on how to support both the lifesaving work of researchers and healthcare workers as well as the livelihoods of patients and families that are impacted by cancer.