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Member Spotlight

  • Andrea Zeytoonjian
  • Andrea Zeytoonjian

    Hometown: Dover, MA

    I currently reside in: Back Bay

    I attended: Tufts University (Undergraduate) / Simmons School of Management (Graduate)

    My workplace and title are: Senior Manager, BioPharma Operations at Foundation Medicine

    My favorite Boston restaurant is: Close tie between The Gallows and Stella - both favorites!

    If I am not working, I am most likely: Traveling as much as I can, bingeing on books (and the occasional Netflix series), writing, spending time with family, and trying to find the best outdoor dining spot in Boston (it's an ongoing quest).

    I joined the DFLC because: Despite working at Dana-Farber for several years, I have had little exposure to fundraising and awareness opportunities outside of my own department. Dana-Farber is an amazing place, and I look forward to sharing its mission with others and I'm sure learning new things in the process too!