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    Louise Shivek and her husband, Herbert, have known each other since childhood and both believe strongly in the value of volunteerism for the good of the community. They live in Brookline and have two daughters and three grandsons.

    Louise graduated in 1946 from Boston University, College of Liberal Arts and was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. She became a member of Aid for Cancer Research, an organization raising funds for cancer research in the Greater Boston area, serving several times as president. Its medical advisory board included Dr. Sidney Farber and Dr. Emil Frei III, who defined the outstanding research and treatment programs at Dana-Farber. Understandably impressed, Louise chose to volunteer in its Development and Public Affairs department.

    In 1975, a decision was made to establish the first auxiliary at Dana-Farber.

    Louise accepted the position of administrative liaison between Dana-Farber and the auxiliary, which required organizing the essentials needed for its formation. Luncheons and coffees were held for guests to hear directly from Physician-in-Chief Dr. Emil Frei and many on the medical staff about the accomplishments and future programs of Dana-Farber. The importance of an auxiliary to support these expanding needs was emphasized.

    In l976, after a year of basic planning, an outstanding Board of Directors was formed with Sheila Cunningham as founding president. Friends of Dana-Farber was the "new kid on the block" and had to prove itself as a viable and contributing member of Dana-Farber. Membership grew and was stimulated by the Friends' support of research and its sponsorship of many patient service programs, including a gift shop. The Friends finally made the public take notice of this superb comprehensive cancer center which was renowned in the medical community.

    After retiring as liaison, Louise joined the Friends' Board and served as chairman of numerous committees over the years and as executive vice president.

    She is one of four honorary directors of the Friends. Her greatest gratification comes from gaining lasting friendships and from playing a part in the growth of this dynamic auxiliary which is supporting an organization striving constantly to find a cure through research, while always considering patient care a top priority.