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Volunteer Requirements

  • Joe Blanchard

    The Lubin Family Volunteer Services Department at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is committed to providing compassionate, well-trained resourceful volunteers to assist staff and patients, their families and friends.

    We expect volunteers to be reliable, committed to their volunteer service, and available on a regular basis.

    The following are the requirements to be a volunteer at Dana-Farber:

    • Commit to at least one four-hour shift each week for one year.
    • Be at least 18 years of age (the Junior Volunteer Program is the exception).

    We will review your application to determine eligibility for a placement, and then call you for an interview with the director of Volunteer Services. We select volunteers for placement based on availability, time commitment, interests, and skills.

    Before you begin

    Once you have been selected to volunteer, you must do the following:

    • Be cleared by our office of Occupational Health Services, which will include screening for MMR, TB, seasonal flu shot, and Chicken Pox;
    • Receive a satisfactory result on a criminal background check;
    • Attend an orientation for new volunteers;
    • Watch the Volunteer Compliance Videos - In addition to the in-person training you'll receive, we require that new volunteers watch the four videos below to familiarize themselves with Dana-Farber policies (each video is 30 minutes long).
      Environmental Health and Safety 

      This video focuses on the environmental health and safety protocols at Dana-Farber, including recycling and ergonomics.


      This video focuses on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and what that means for you as a volunteer.

      Infection Control

      This video focuses on proper infection control procedures, such as hand washing.

      Fire Safety 

      This video focuses on the four steps to follow in the event of a threat of fire.

    Summer Volunteer Program

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    Junior Volunteer Program

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