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Inflammatory Breast Cancer Clinical Trials and Research

  • Our researchers and clinicians are involved in clinical and basic science research to enhance our understanding of inflammatory breast cancer, develop more effective diagnostic and treatment options for patients, improve the current survival rate for patients with IBC, and expand prevention strategies for women at risk for this disease.

    In addition, through the acquisition of tissue samples from IBC patients, our team is investigating the unique biology of the disease, including its genetic associations. We encourage our patients to participate in our IBC tissue registry, a resource that supports basic science research of IBC, improves the understanding of this disease, and guides treatment.

    One focus of our research is to take information "from bench to bedside and back." An example of our success in this avenue is the creation of clinical trial DF/HCC 16-151 (TBCRC 039), a national study for newly-diagnosed triple negative IBC. It is based on evidence from Dana-Farber laboratory scientists, including Kornelia Polyak MD,PhD identified a cellular mechanism that helps IBC cells survive, and identified a drug to stop block this mechanism. This drug, now the focus of the clinical trial for people with triple negative IBC, aims to improve treatment for their disease.

    Current IBC Specific Clinical Trials

    You may also be eligible for other breast cancer clinical trials that include IBC. Talk with your clinician about whether a clinical trial may be right for you.

    Search Dana-Farber's clinical trials.

    Should you participate in a clinical trial?

    Participating in a clinical trial is a very personal decision, and a choice that is completely yours to make. If it feels right to you, there are several good reasons to participate:

    • Clinical trials are how we make progress against inflammatory breast cancer.
    • Over the past decade, thanks to participating patients, many new drugs have been approved for treatment for both inflammatory and non-inflammatory breast cancer.
    • Taking part in a clinical trial can offer you new treatment options.
    • By participating in a clinical trial, you contribute to knowledge that can help future patients.
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