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About Us

Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center - Foxborough provides the latest medical oncology and hematology care to patients in Southern Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island. The center makes it possible to offer the expertise and experience of New England's leading cancer center, while enabling patients to enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying close to home. 

Expert oncologists/hematologists and a specialized care team supported by Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center's vast clinical resources, offer patients the latest and most advanced treatments for cancer and blood disorders, including access to Dana-Farber's innovative clinical trials. In addition, a range of clinical and support services is available to patients and their families, reflecting our commitment to treating the "whole patient." 

Virtual Tour

View this video to tour the facility virtually and learn more about the clinical and non-clinical services available.

Patient Care Services 

Dana-Farber Brigham - Foxborough delivers the latest medical oncology care, including chemotherapy, biologic, and targeted therapy. Patients have local access to select clinical trials exploring new cancer therapies. Our experienced team also provides care for benign hematologic disorders. 

Oncology/Hematology: Medical oncology and hematology care and infusion are provided by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Infusion services include chemotherapy and immunotherapy, as well as additional medications and treatments, such as hydration or blood transfusions. Scalp cooling for patients undergoing select chemotherapy is also available. Patients receive their infusion in private "bays," provided by a team of nurses and other clinical team members offering support and resources as needed. 

Genetic counseling: The genetic counseling program can help guide a personalized approach to treatment and identify a patient’s risk of developing other cancers. Our team can also help individuals with a family history of cancer to assess their cancer risk. 

Clinical trials: As a national designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, patients have access to many clinical trials. We encourage patients to speak with their health care team about clinical trial opportunities. 

Pharmacy: Our pharmacy is able to prepare infusion medications on-site and works collaboratively with the care team to safely care for you. 

Support Services 

Nutrition Services: Our registered dietitians have special training in oncology and integrative nutrition. They can work with you and other members of your care team to tailor an eating plan that fits with your diagnosis and treatment, address changes in appetite or weight, manage the side effects of cancer treatment, and more. 

Social Workers and Resource Specialists: Licensed clinical social workers can counsel, guide, and support you and your family as you cope with the impact of illness. These services are available by request or by referral from your doctor or nurse. Resource Specialists work closely with our social workers and can help explore options, based on eligibility and availability, regarding transportation needs, food assistance, and utility protection, as well as help identify and apply to community-based financial assistance programs. 

We also offer a number of online resources to help you address the range of issues you may face after treatment, including: 

  • Changes in the body after cancer treatment 
  • Emotional and physical symptom management 
  • Legal rights concerning health care and employment 
  • Finding support groups 
  • Maintaining, repairing, or enhancing personal relationships 
  • Pursuing appropriate follow-up care 

Spiritual Support: Resources are available to listen and offer support and prayer for those with questions about faith, hope, doubt, and other spiritual concerns. 

Financial Services: Our financial counselors can help explain billing policies, determine eligibility for insurance or financial assistance, and contact insurance carriers and other providers on your behalf. 

Specialized services to be available at a future date: 

  • Genetic counseling 
  • Palliative care 
  • Survivorship 

Our Physician Team 

Our team of cancer specialists and hematologists works closely to provide seamless care for each patient.  

Naeem Tahir, MD, Medical Director
Sudha Bolla, MD
Daniel Roberts, MD
Natalie Sinclair, MD
Robert Stern, MD
Jonathan Wischhusen, MD

Advanced Practice Professionals

Lori Beauchamp, PA-C, Physician Assistant (Palliative Care)
Kathleen Boyle, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Heather Feldman, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Nicole Lewis, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Refer a Patient to Dana-Farber Brigham - Foxborough 

Our team welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to care for your patients with cancer or a blood disorder. 

We work collaboratively with referring physicians to develop treatment plans and communicate about your patient's status in a detailed and timely manner. 

To refer a patient, call 508-543-1700


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