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  • Dr. David Reardon explains why a therapy that provides an impressive and durable benefit has been mostly out of reach for treating brain cancer, particularly glioblastoma.

Tags: BrainTumors

  • Dr. Pamela DiPrio commented on a new study showing women with dense breasts may need yearly breast cancer screening to detect tumors.

Tags: BreastCancer

  • Dr. Anthony Letai led a study showing a new cancer drug is safe and promising for patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia or AML.

Tags: Leukemia

  • Dr. Christopher Sweeney led a study showing the importance of health insurance for cancer patients.

Tags: PatientSupport

  • Dr. Pasi Janne comments on the failure of a new drug as an initial treatment for patients with lung cancer.

Tags: LungCancer

  • Dr. Matthew S. Davids is helping to raise money to fund his own research. It’s a growing trend among doctors and scientists in reaction to the National Institutes of Health budget being flat for a long time.

Tags: Leukemia, Funding

  • Dana-Farber was named fourth in cancer care in this year's U.S. News and World Report top hospital rankings.

Tags: Honors

  • Dr. Eric Winer talked about how Susan F. Smith helped bring together all of women’s cancers under one umbrella at Dana-Farber.


Tags: BreastCancer, CervicalCancer

  • Magnolia Contreras, Director of Community Benefits at Dana-Farber, talked (in Spanish) about a program that teaches cancer patients cosmetic techniques to help them cope with appearance-related side effects.


Tags: CopingWithCancer

  • Dr. Jennifer Ligibel comments on using Fitbits to study exercise patterns among women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Tags: BreastCancer, Exercise

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