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  • Dr. Geoffrey Oxnard is profiled along with one of his patients concerning targeted therapies to treat lung cancer.

Tags: LungCancer, TargetedTherapy

  • Dr. F. Stephen Hodi helped lead research showing the cancer drug Keytruda has helped about 40 percent of melanoma patients survive longer.

Tags: Melanoma

  • Dr. Jeffrey Meyerhardt helped lead research showing the location of a patient’s colon cancer may predict survival outcomes.


Tags: ColonCancer

  • Nurse Joan Lucca comments on working with the Stand Up To Cancer Research Institute Immunology Dream Team.

Tags: Nursing

  • Dr. Jay Harris commented on a study showing extreme breath-holding like that practiced by free divers may have usefulness in treating patients.

Tags: Radiation

  • Dr. Deborah Schrag wrote an editorial for JAMA talking about the need for more treatments for Pancreatic Cancer.

Tags: PancreaticCancer

  • Researchers at Dana Farber helped develop a new test called a Rapid Heme Panel to diagnose patients faster.

  • Dr. Jennifer Ligibel is leading research to see if weight loss can prevent breast cancer recurrence.

Tags: BreastCancer

  • A study led by Dr. Lisa Diller shows surviving a childhood cancer can take a toll on health, and that young adults who've been through the ordeal often feel aged before their time.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. William Kaelin Jr., said to accelerate President Obama's "moonshot" initiative, collaboration among researchers is critical.

Tags: BasicResearch

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