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  • The new iPhone app from Dana-Farber offers users support and information about eating a healthy diet to help fight cancer. Senior nutritionist Stacy Kennedy, MPH, hopes these healthy recipes will be adopted by people who want to lower their risk of getting cancer.

Tags: Nutrition, PatientSupport, Prevention

  • Chef Frank McClelland of Boston's four-star restaurant L'Espalier, and this year's honorary chef at Dana-Farber's Chefs Cooking for Hope, shares some ideas for a healthy, romantic dinner.

Tags: Nutrition, Prevention

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute teams up with Chef Frank McClelland, owner of L'Espalier restaurant in Boston, to provide three mouth-watering recipes that are perfect for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

Tags: Nutrition, Prevention

  • Dr. Robert Mayer was part of a tweet chat hosted by ABC News’ chief medical correspondent Dr. Richard Besser to raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer.

Tags: ColonCancer, Prevention

  • A report suggests that aspirin use has the potential to increase pension liabilities by extending life spans. Dr. Charles Fuchs, who wasn't part of the report, said aspirin use may reduce the risk of cancer.

Tags: Prevention, PopulationScience

  • Customized cancer treatment is getting closer to reality, as researchers have come up with single drugs that can treat many different kinds of cancers. One example is Kevetrin, now in Phase I clinical trials at Dana-Farber.

Tags: Melanoma, Nutrition, Prevention

  • Dr. Judy Garber comments on a U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation that women at high risk for breast cancer consider taking drugs to prevent the disease.

Tags: BreastCancer, Prevention

  • Dr. Judy Garber spoke about Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy.

Tags: BreastCancer, Genetics, Prevention

  • Dr. Sharon Bober said there are women who undergo a preventive double mastectomy, but never tell because they may not get the same support as women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Tags: BreastCancer, Genetics, Prevention

  • Dr. Huma Rana joins other Boston medical experts to say the latest science backs up Angelina Jolie's choice to undergo a preventive double mastectomy.

Tags: BreastCancer, Genetics, Prevention

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