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  • Executives at several Massachusetts hospitals, including Dana-Farber, have appealed to the Massachusetts Congressional delegation to adopt deficit reduction strategies that preserve federal funding for scientific research.

Tags: BasicResearch, Funding

  • Dr. William Kaelin commented on the cancer-stem-cell model, and the possibility of controlling cancer without killing it.


Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Bruce Spiegelman is profiled and talks about his research and work at Dana-Farber.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Robert Haddad says based on research that’s been done, there’s no reason to think the HPV vaccine is not safe.

Tags: BasicResearch, OralCancer, HeadNeckCancers

  • A study led by Dr. Julia Hayes suggests two types of observation are safe, and often cost-saving alternatives to treating low-risk prostate cancer with immediate surgery or radiation.

Tags: BasicResearch, ProstateCancer

  • A study by researchers at Dana-Farber shows many patients with advanced cancers put false hope in chemotherapy. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found 69 percent of patients with lung cancer and 81 percent of those with colorectal cancer did not report understanding chemotherapy was not likely to cure their cancer.

Tags: chemotherapy, BasicResearch, EndOfLife

  • A trial led by Mark Kieran, MD, director of pediatric neuro-oncology at Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center found that the drug lonafarnib resulted in weight gain and improved cardiovascular health in children with progeria, a fatal disease causing premature aging. This is an important first step in identifying potential therapies for a disease for which there has been no treatments, Dr. Kieran said.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • A study co-authored by Dr. Shuji Ogino shows getting a regular colonoscopy was linked to a 68 percent reduction in risk for colon cancer.

Tags: BasicResearch, ColonCancer

  • Dr. David Nathan has been studying sickle cell disease for more than 50 years. He discusses the latest research and treatment for the disease. 

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Wayne Marasco talks about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and his work on developing a treatment for the deadly disease.

Tags: BasicResearch

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