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  • Dr. David Nathan has been studying sickle cell disease for more than 50 years. He discusses the latest research and treatment for the disease. 

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Lisa Diller comments on adults who suffer health consequences from their cancer treatment as children.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dana-Farber President Dr. Edward J. Benz, Jr., and Michael Goldberg, PhD, have been working on a financial innovation to fund cancer research through the securitization technique.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Ursula Matulonis has received a $900,000 grant from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to test new combinations of targeted drugs against the disease. 

Tags: OvarianCancer

  • Dr. Ursula Matulonis commented on a study that found women with BRCA-1 mutations can reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer if they get their ovaries removed by age 35.

Tags: BreastCancer, OvarianCancer, Genetics

  • Dr. Sarah Feldman comments on the often-confusing guidelines as to which women need routine Pap tests. Pap tests are used to check for cervical cancer.

Tags: CervicalCancer

  • The Swiss drug giant Novartis AG has bought two-year-old CoStim Pharmaceuticals Inc., a venture-backed Cambridge biotech using research from scientists including Dr. Gordon Freeman.

Tags: BasicResearch, Immunotherapy

  • Dr. Gordon Freeman says many new cancer therapies being tested by drug companies exist thanks to federally backed basic science conducted at U.S. universities.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Checkpoint inhibitors seem to be providing uniquely long-term benefits for cancer patients. “The field is just afire now,” says immunologist Dr. Gordon Freeman.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Two-time cancer survivor and Pan-Mass Challenge rider Dan Haley talks about his experiences as a Dana-Farber patient and PMC fundraiser.

Tags: JimmyFund, PanMassChallenge

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