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  • A study led by Dr. Lisa Diller shows surviving a childhood cancer can take a toll on health, and that young adults who've been through the ordeal often feel aged before their time.


Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. David A. Williams, president of Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, comments on why pediatric cancers should be a priority for research funds.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. Katherine Janeway led a study finding some pediatric cancer patients harbor mutations in their tumor or germline that have potential clinical significance, either for diagnosis or treatment.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, Genomics, Genetics

  • The staff at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorder Center make sure the holiday is bright for patients.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. Liliana Goumnerova commented on a former pediatric patient who came back to Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Hospital to play the violin to say thank you.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. Stuart H. Orkin, chair of pediatric oncology at Dana-Farber, was honored for his lifetime research on blood development.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, Honors

  • Lisa Diller comments on a study that shows a substantial number of children with cancer carry cancer-predisposing mutations inherited from a parent.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. Michael Goldberg helped start a free camp for kids with cancer in Massachusetts.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, CopingWithCancer

  • Dr. Jennifer Mack led a first of its kind study that examines end-of-life care for people ages 15 through 39.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, EndOfLife

  • Lisa Scherber, director of Patient and Family Programs at the Jimmy Fund Clinic, was featured for her work at Dana-Farber for the past 23 years.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

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