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About the Program for Older Adults with Breast Cancer

  • Margaret Simonovich

    Margaret Simonovich, inflammatory breast cancer survivor

  • The Program for Older Adults with Breast Cancer — Turning Silver into Gold — is focused on the unique needs of older breast cancer patients.

    Breast cancer is most common in patients older than 70 years and, as people are now living longer than ever, we anticipate that we will see an increasing number of older patients develop breast cancer. However, this group is underrepresented in clinical research, and its unique needs are not well understood. Our program aims to change that and improve care for older adults with breast cancer by better understanding the specific needs and concerns of these patients and their loved ones.

    The program offers dedicated staff and specialized care for older adults, including support for other, age-related health issues, nutritional support, social workers, financial assistance, integrative therapies, and clinical trials designed specifically for older patients.

    Multidisciplinary care

    Our care team works closely with each patient, providing the expertise and collaboration of many specialists. Experts in medical oncology, surgical oncology, and radiation oncology coordinate to ensure that you will receive the care that is best for you and helps you achieve the best possible quality of life.

    Collaboration with local oncologists — near or far, we are here for you

    As partners in your treatment, our care team can collaborate with you and your local oncologist to provide active, continuous care during the course of your treatment if you live a distance away. We welcome the opportunity to offer a second opinion. We can partner with your local oncologist to review your options throughout your journey. Call us at 877-442-3324.