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How to Request Gelb Center Services

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    The focus of Gelb Center services is to provide investigators with high quality and well-characterized biological specimens for utilization in basic science, translational research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical practices.

    Two steps to collaborating with the Gelb Center

    1. Please email us an Initial Request for clinical data and/or specimens per the instructions in the box below. Your Request will receive the careful, personalized attention of Gelb Center personnel. Within two days, we will determine whether your Request is feasible, and will contact you with our evaluation.
    2. If we can fulfill your Request, we will send you a formal Proposal Form, which asks for additional details about your needs. The User Committee will carefully evaluate the Proposal that you send.

    Emailing instructions for your Initial Request for services

    Per Step 1 above, please furnish the following information in an email to

    1. Your full name and title
    2. Your academic institution or company name
    3. Your work email (no personal emails such as Gmail or Yahoo)
    4. Your work phone number
    5. Your request details, including:
      1. A brief description of specimen type
      2. Amount needed
      3. Date needed
      4. Any other details relevant to your project