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  • Our Immunology and Virology investigators include the following:

  • Our adjunct faculty members include the following:
  • Cancer Immunology and Virology (CIV) Administrative Staff

    Alison Angel
    Faculty Affairs & Operations Administrator
    Alison oversees promotions and appointments through Harvard Medical School for CIV. In addition, she handles pre-award for the Cantor group and is a major part various strategic initiatives in the department.
    1 Jimmy Fund Way, Smith 722A 
    Phone: 617-632-3328

    Julia Barnes
    Department Grants Management Specialist II
    Julia serves as a liaison between CIV and Dana-Farber Human Resources. As such, she coordinates on-boarding for all non-faculty hires (i.e., students, technicians, postdocs, etc.) for the Agudo, Cantor, Dougan, Glimcher, Goldberg, Hemler, Kranzusch, Marasco, Novina, and Wucherpfennig labs, including facilitation of the J-1 and H-1B visa processes for incoming foreign nationals. In addition, she conducts the Institute off-boarding procedure for the same labs.
    1 Jimmy Fund Way, Smith 768 
    Phone: 617-632-3349

    Elizabeth Carpelan
    Program Manager
    Elizabeth is responsible for managing the day-to-day lab needs, on/off boarding of staff, and pre-award of the Human Retrovirology group. This includes the Engelman, Gabuzda, and Sodroski labs in CIV.
    3 Blackfan Circle, Center for Life Science 1010 
    Phone: 617-632-4332

    Julianne DeLuca, CRA
    Business and Financial Administrator
    Julianne supports the Engelman, Gabuzda, Hemler, Marasco, Novina, and Sodroski labs in post-award grants management. In addition, she provides oversight of the pre-award activities in CIV, including the routing of grants to Grants and Contracts.
    1 Jimmy Fund Way, Smith 570D 
    Phone: 617-632-3856

    Anne Gonzalez
    Research Operations Assistant
    Anne is responsible for handling operational aspects of the department, including upkeep of space, equipment maintenance and organization, facilities' needs, and organization of various professional development activities.
    1 Jimmy Fund Way, Smith 768 
    Phone: 617-582-8449

    Kathleen Kennedy, MS, CRA
    Department Grants Management Specialist IV 
    Kathleen supports the Cantor, Dougan, Glimcher, Goldberg, Kranzusch, and Wucherpfennig labs in post-award grants management.
    1 Jimmy Fund Way, Smith 570B
    Phone: 617-582-8117

    Denise Pearson
    Research Operations Manager - Human Retrovirology Group 
    Denise supports faculty and laboratory staff in operational needs for the CIV Human Retrovirology Investigators. This includes the labs of Drs. Engelman, Gabuzda, and Sodroski. Her responsibilities include the upkeep of space, including the bio-containment suite; equipment maintenance and organization; facilities' needs; upkeep of shared supplies and consumables; and serving as the freezer alarm contact for the Human Retrovirology group.
    3 Blackfan Circle, Center for Life Science 1014A
    Phone: 617-632-3377
    Pager: 49281 

    Jenna Pedrin
    Department Grants Management Specialist II  
    Jenna supports faculty and staff in identifying and preparing grant and fellowship applications. Her responsibilities include reviewing sponsor eligibility and application requirements and being responsible for the entire award application process, excluding scientific content.
    1 Jimmy Fund Way, Smith 570A
    Phone: 617-582-9601

    Charles Thomas, MS, MBA
    Administrative Director
    Charles is responsible for the business and operations groups in CIV, as well as overall administration of the department. He is a resource for strategic initiatives involving CIV, space needs, HR-related issues, faculty recruitment, and oversight of the Cancer Immunology Training Program and the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy Research.
    1 Jimmy Fund Way, Smith 770B 
    Phone: 617-632-6659