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Project Proposal and Sample Submission

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  • Prior to initiating new projects, CCGD requests that collaborators submit a project proposal to define the scope and aim(s) of the project. Before submitting proposals, CCGD will meet with collaborators to help identify the best NGS approach to answer the question(s) asked.

    Project proposals can be submitted at

    Sample Types Accepted

    CCGD accepts purified nucleic acid derived from a wide variety of sources, including more difficult sample types such as archived FFPE and cell-free DNA. Our experience has shown that 200 ng of FFPE-derived DNA is sufficient for successful library preparation. However, we are often able to perform successful library preparation and obtain informative sequencing data from both poor quality FFPE and low input samples (<20 ng of gDNA).

    We also have extensive experience with cfDNA and are continually optimizing our work flow and bioinformatics to achieve greater assay sensitivity and specificity. Our current recommendations for cfDNA sample submission is 25 ng of input material. However, an optimal amount is ~50 ng because this will allow deeper sequencing, which is often necessary to achieve high sensitivity with this sample type.

    Sample Types Accepted (Purified Nucleic Acid)

    • Cell-free DNA (cfDNA)
    • Cultured cells (gDNA)
    • FFPE
    • Fresh tumor