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Dana-Farber CSIR (Cross-Sectional Interventional Radiology) Biopsy Collections (DCBC)

  • test tubes with blood samples

  • In addition to sample procurement from multiple sites for Center for Cancer Precision Medicine (CCPM) collaborations, CCPM's Pathology Team is integrated into the research biopsy collection process for all Dana-Farber research biopsies that are performed at Brigham and Women's Hospital Cross-Sectional Interventional Radiology (BWH CSIR).

    This initiative was born from the desire to unify the collection of all biopsy research samples from BWH CSIR and create a singular, organized, and responsive process for procuring samples directly from radiology staff on behalf of multiple research protocols, investigators, and disease centers.

    Under this initiative, trained CCPM pathology technicians interface with BWH CSIR to communicate the research study needs and allocate the tissue to protocols per a specified priority list. In doing so, the CCPM Pathology team standardizes the procurement of research tissue samples across Dana-Farber, protects patient safety, and opens the way for further collaboration with BWH clinicians.

    If you have questions about the Dana-Farber CSIR Biopsy Collections, please email