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CCPM Educational Outreach

  • CCPM Tumor Board meeting

  • The Center for Cancer Precision Medicine's Tumor Board is a monthly meeting in which we discuss one or two interesting cases on a topic in genomics and precision medicine.

    Email to be added to the distribution list for this meeting.

    Some previous Tumor Boards have featured:

    • Brian Crompton, MD/David Shulman, MD
      Adapting liquid biopsy assays to pediatric solid tumors: a first step in non-invasive precision medicine for children
    • Heather Parsons, MD, MPH
      Precision medicine in early-stage breast cancer
    • Pasi Jänne, MD, PhD/Ian Krop, MD, PhD
      HER2 discussion/HER2 with both TKIs and ADCs/trials ongoing for HER2 mutant NSCLC patients
    • Katherine Janeway, MD
      Pediatric oncology: a case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and a case of hepatocellular carcinoma highlighting the complexity of data analysis and clinical interpretation
    • Marios Giannakis, MD, PhD/Lynette Scholl, MD/Jonathan Nowak, MD, PhD
      Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors