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What We Do at the Center for Cancer Precision Medicine

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  • At the Center for Cancer Precision Medicine (CCPM), our primary objective is to accelerate cutting-edge projects at the intersection of clinical medicine and translational science. The center can help in all areas of your project, from protocol initiation through data analysis to project completion. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Writing protocols: The center can assist in writing protocols that enable specimen collection for research and molecular profiling
    • Creating research-grade standard operating procedures (SOPs): Create efficient SOPs for the research process, and help your team have a streamlined and effective system
    • Project management: The project management team can help create a streamlined infrastructure for sample acquisition and real-time data collection
    • Pathology and sample triaging: CCPM's experienced pathology technicians can triage tissue samples to allow for the maximum number of samples going to research, while ensuring high-quality samples are sent for any clinical testing
    • Single cell sequencing: Our Innovation Lab has extensive experience with various single cell technologies, including 10X (droplet-based sequencing) and snRNA-Seq (frozen single nuclear RNA sequencing), and can help optimize processes specific to your project to achieve the best possible results to address questions of therapeutic response and resistance
    • Cross-institution collaboration with the Broad Institute: CCPM and our associated faculty have a strong relationship with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; therefore, your project will have an effective, streamlined system for getting samples to the Broad and begin sequencing in a timely manner
    • Data analysis: CCPM's team of computational biologists are experts in analyzing molecular data for collaborative scientific projects