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Support and Education for Young Women with Breast Cancer

  • Beyond her clinical experience, a woman in the Young and Strong program is surrounded by a circle of support, resources, and education. On her first day as a patient, she meets with a coordinator who explains all the opportunities and remains a resource throughout her journey.

  • participants in the SoulMates program

    SoulMates offers peer support for breast cancer patients.

  • Support

    A social worker can provide one-on-one counseling sessions throughout treatment. Patients also receive a referral, as needed, to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

    We offer the following resources specific to young women:

    • Young Women's telephone support group
    • SoulMates peer support program
    • Young adult support group
    • Individualized check-in after the first visit and follow-up calls
    • Access to a bi-annual Young and Strong newsletter
    • Monthly emails that highlight resources and events specifically for young women sponsored by not only Dana-Farber, but our trusted partners and outside groups
    • In-person education seminars and workshops
    • Webcasts on a variety of topics
    • Annual forum for patients and survivors

    Young women may also take advantage of the following additional resources:

    Learn more about Dana-Farber's patient and family support services.


    Young women are often eager to learn about their cancer and how to navigate their work and relationships. An annual forum offers education and camaraderie, and smaller workshops are held throughout the year on such topics as sexual health, couples, and survivorship.

    A 6-week session, Facing Forward, brings together women of all ages who have completed treatment for early-stage breast cancer.

    We also offer online resources such as webcasts, webchats, and podcasts.

    Online webcasts

    Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Review of Young Women’s Breast Cancer Research

    A long-term, multi-site study of young women with breast cancer yields some key findings. In this interactive webcast, Ann Partridge, MD, MPH, Founder and Director of the Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer, and Shoshana Rosenberg, ScD, MPH, share their discoveries so far. To view the webcast, you need to register when you click the link. Once you register, you can ask questions of the presenters. You can also view the presentation on SlideShare.

    Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

    During this webcast, Ann Partridge, MD, MPH, discusses fertility concerns among young women, and describes the Pregnancy Outcome and Safety of Interrupting Therapy for women with endocrine responsive breast cancer (POSITIVE) study, for which she is the North American Principal Investigator.
    Please note that this webcast is best viewed with an Internet Explorer browser.

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  • 2018 Young Women with Breast Cancer Forum

    Join us on Friday, October 12, for Breast Cancer in Younger Women: A Forum for Patients and Survivors. The event is free and open to younger women with breast cancer (diagnosed at age 45 or younger), survivors, and loved ones.