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    The Department of Nursing and Patient Care Services (NPCS) at Dana-Farber is committed to excellence and to compassionate patient- and family-centered care.

    Our multidisciplinary team model ensures that patients and their families are surrounded by highly skilled professionals who work together to craft individualized care for each patient and to facilitate access to clinical research that is on the cutting edge.

    Embodying Dana-Farber's core values — impact, excellence, compassion and respect, and discovery — the department is dedicated to our vision, mission, and values:

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    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has been awarded Magnet designation three times by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) – the nation's preeminent accreditation organization – for excellence in nursing service and practice.

    Dana-Farber is also one of approximately 1,500 hospitals that participate in the DAISY Award program, sponsored by the DAISY Foundation (Diseases Attacking the Immune System).


    In partnership with patients and families and in collaboration with our community, interdisciplinary and interdepartmental colleagues, we will be world leaders in reducing and eradicating the burden of cancer and related diseases through care, discovery, training, and education.


    Provide safe, effective, and compassionate care; use and develop new knowledge; and educate our patients, families, staff, colleagues, and community.

    Patricia Reid Ponte, Chief of NursingPatricia Reid Ponte, Chief of Nursing  

    Our values

    We demonstrate respect for patients, families, and colleagues through:

    • Cultural sensitivity
    • Active listening and response
    • Ethical conduct

    We create an environment of care that is:

    • Patient- and family-centered
    • Integrated across the continuum
    • Healing and hopeful
    • Inspiring and motivating

    We deliver expert clinical care and preventive services through:

    • Evidence-based practice
    • Collaborative practice
    • Partnering with patients and families

    We exhibit our professional commitment through:

    • Individual integrity
    • Honesty and reflection
    • Accountability to self and others

    We engage in collaborative decision making, utilizing:

    • Available data
    • Expertise and wisdom of the collective

    We are committed to continuous improvement through:

    • High spirit of inquiry
    • Innovation and risk taking
    • Education and mentoring
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